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A listing of all the authors and instructions in the database.

Author Title # Instrs. Source URL
Arthur Kingsland
Newcastle Irish Set Dancers - Dance Notes 43
Brooks Academy
Set Dance notes from the Brooks Academy 19
Dr. Lenette S. and Larry E. Taylor
Crooked River Set Dancers 167
Foilsithe ag Comhaltas Ceoltori Eireann agus Cumann Luthchleas Gael An Authentic Guide to Set Dancing 10
Heidelberg Set Dancers
Heidelberg Set Dancers Website 5
Joe O'Hara
Irish Set Dancing - List of Set Dances 1 67
Irish Set Dancing - List of Set Dances 2 11
Michael and Susan Harrison
DanceMinder 75
Nora Stewart and Martin Largey
Easy Set Dancing 37
Obergruna Set Dancers
Obergruna Website 1
Pat Murphy Apples In Winter 90
Come West Along the Road 36
Last Night's Fun 14 None
Tabhair Dom Do Lamh 52
The Flowing Tide 50
Toss The Feathers 63
Paul Carr
Set In Their Ways website 3
Paul D. McGuigan
Paul McGuigan's List of Sets 11
Paul Wayper
Paul Wayper's Set Dancing Notes 2
Wikipedia - Individual Sets 1
William Hammond Call The Set 3

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