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This page is an incomplete attempt to catalogue the information about various types of lithium-ion battery cell for use in electric vehicles. On these pages you can find both raw information on the cells in the database - dimensions, weight, etc. - and statistics derived from them, such as watt-hours per kilogram and cost per amp-hour. You can also design your own pack by inputting your preferred output voltage and maximum weight and letting the huge Mabula Engines that power the server trawl through this information to calculate the cell configurations that most closely delivery what you want.

The information is not complete. It is as much as Paul has compiled in whatever time he's had to trawl through manufacturer websites and online stores and find all the specifications. Some manufacturers and online stores make this an exceedingly tedious process. If you find information that hasn't been included and you think should be, please feel free to email Paul and he'll try to include it. Keep in mind, however, that his standard is high and in general he likes to have direct references for the information. Being merely human as he is, though, he has yet to transcribe all his own sources, so be patient.



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