General Electric Battery



No charging or discharging figures for the pouch cells - pure guesswork on my part. They do have 15mOhms of internal impedance, though, which is fairly low, so they may have a higher C rating when discharging.

(See cell statistics for this manufacturer.)

Model Ah Type Chemistry Dimensions Weight Charge Discharge
GEB 26650 a 2.100 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 65.0mm x 26.0mm 88.0g 2.1A 6.3A → 6.3A
GEB 26650 b 3.000 Ah Cylindrical LiPo 65.0mm x 26.0mm 90.0g 3.0A 30.0A → 30.0A
GEB 32650 5.000 Ah Cylindrical LiPo 65.0mm x 32.0mm 135.0g 5.0A 15.0A → 15.0A
GEB 5588120 6.500 Ah Pouch LiPo 119.7mm x 87.5mm x 5.3mm 140.0g 8.0A 16.0A → 24.0A
GEB 7467140 8.000 Ah Pouch LiPo 139.7mm x 66.5mm x 7.2mm 170.0g 8.0A 16.0A → 24.0A

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